Vote for your Asterisk Tutorial on ideascale

Vote for your Favourite Asterisk Tutorial on ideascale

We’re on ideascale – our Asterisk tutorials have come along way since we started way back in October 2014. Over the past 50 or so tutorials, we have received numerous requests and when appropriate we have covered those topics. Moreover, if you have followed us from the beginning, it is pretty likely that you are quite clued up on the fundamentals of Asterisk phone systems. That is why we thought there must be a better, fairer way. So we decided to let you, our followers, choose where we go next in terms of our Introducing Asterisk phone systems series. All you need to do is go to our ideascale profile  and vote for or suggest your favourite Asterisk topic.

What’s in it for me?

By voting for your favourite Asterisk phone system topic on our ideascale page, you will benefit from us producing tutorials catered towards our community as opposed to what we think is a good idea. Furthermore, as ideascale provides allows you to suggest your own topics, voting will allow you to have your say when comes to the direction and topics covered in our Introducing Asterisk phone system – and who knows, maybe someone has a excellent topic which no-one has thought about just yet.

So get voting on

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