VoIP Terminology

The VoIP Guys Busting VoIP Terminology

The VoIP glossary from the VoIP Guys provides a detailed platform where all the confusing VoIP terminology is explained. But we don’t just concentrate on VoIP. As Voice over IP has far reaching implications within the world of enterprise IT and not just within the fields of communication and networking, we’ve put a list for those together as well.

As technology develops and new trends emerge, this list will be updated to include all the terms that need demystifying, ranging from BYOD to EMM to TDM. So whatever has got your mind in a boggle, let the VoIP Guys guide you by providing clear cut answers.


As with the rest of our blog, we endeavour to make sure that we have kept everything as simple as possible so that the complicated world of corporate telecommunications and Contact Center terminology does not leave you with more questions than answers.

Should you have a term which you like more info on, or we haven’t included but should do, then please leave us a comment on this page.

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